Informed Consent

As  a physician , when we counsel a patient  about any disease process  or initiation of medications or any operative procedure we are supposed to inform him about recent recommendations , the  best practices and help him to make the best decision about his health .

We are not supposed to  confound him by giving them the whole list of side effects as in most TV ads about any medication .The surgeon is supposed to give a  clear picture about the procedure and an exact percentage of the adverse outcome .

It is by mutual consent and fiduciary guidance the process of treatment is completed .

Even  in spite of all these  counselling if God forbid, patient faces an unfortunate outcome the doctor has to pay a heavy price . He may loose his license , may be incarcerated or loose his life time income .

In comparison , in the present election scenario , one of the highest authority in the country could go back and forth on  his statements , could be as ambiguous  as possible just a few days before a very important decision would be taken . A decision which would not only change the fate of millions of people but may change the face of earth .

Is there not a fiduciary responsibility associated with one of the most responsible positions of    the most important country in the world .

Is a plain apology or a resignation enough ?

I presume justice is just meted to us ordinary mortals . 


The Remote World

As we all agree,  we are  a part of the big remote world .We as humans gave it its identity and there was a big explosion of advancement of technology and now it is giving  the real world a  tough competition .

Our comfort level is great in our remote world .Anonymity and the choice of interaction is ours .There is no compulsion  of any kind .

But where is all this leading to ?

Drones are becoming your preferred mode of combat .Robotics are your preferred mode of surgery . Siri  could be your best friend . Telemedicine   would soon be the future of medicine and future cars would be all  sans driver .We are working real hard to make Virtual world  a big success .

We are yet to make a connection with the alien world as I was told that they have a higher IQ and they are not very interested in this alliance as it would not benefit them a lot .

We are moving towards  a time where there would be minimal human interaction and our children would inherit a world where Homo Sapiens would be most redundant .We are racing towards our own Nemesis .