Modern Dark Age

Doping in sports is coming up as a huge stealth tool for winning medals in competitive sports .There was a disturbing news in the media that  a Country runs State orchestrated million dollars program to elevate sports people to winning pedestal .

We live in a period of ‘Overdrive’. We are Go getters  and we get them at any cost .For us no institution is pristine . We fake and fraud with elan .

Our highest offices are bid by  bigots , demagogues and liars . We acknowledge these and then react in a brain dead manner .

We segregate and discriminate .

We spread violence in the name of religion and peace

We have read about medieval  dark ages in history books as scientific knowledge was the deciding factor which was pushing certain nations back in dark alleys

Are we really far from there with all our wealth and  knowledge ???

Pay Back

My  Alma Mater , Lady Hardinge  Medical College ,  witnessed yet another incident of patient rage against physicians . There was a mob attack and the doctor was bitten by  the patient . In response to that , doctors retaliated by a flash strike .

These kind of hooliganism has been on an increase with any unfortunate outcome during the treatment process .

These incidents are always condemned and should never  be condoned

But if we look in depth  there are some facts that we need to take into consideration

There is a lopsided  physician centric milieu in India .How seriously they take their Hippocrates oath is entirely up to their own conscience . Physicians once  out of their medical school are not much under any scrutiny or under any regulatory body .

Medical litigation  are far and few and do not amount to a high pay off as compared to the loss incurred . Patient grievance forums are also not doing much justice to the patients

Again I  reiterate , these forms of violence is reprehensible .

But we need  a platform and an honest conversation about these issues

Family medicine … Endangered Speciality .

Primary care physicians are the back bone of US health care system .Currently health care is facing an acute shortage of primary health care physicians [PCP].Predictable shortage by 2020 is about 20,000 physicians Aging population , population growth and Affordable care act , they all contribute to it.Nurse practitioners and Physician assistants alleviate this issue to some extent but the overall picture is grim 

Physician burn out rate is high and ever increasing . In 2014 , Family physician burn out rate was around 63 %. 

Primary care physicians are the default dumpsters of health care .They should be capable of treating all medical issues with the most little help from specialists [Managed Care ]. They should practice corporate medicine with EMR documentation [15 min , each patient ]. They should have an expert opinion about whether patient can drive , keep a pet , lift 20 pounds , climb up to the first floor [anything that can have any remotest legal implication ]. They should be rhino skinned and be ever forgiving to the frustrated patients.

Not to mention the hostile legal environment 

Sad part … There is no legal  platform that addresses physicians issues 

Physicians are life savers but not Gods 

And  human beings do need help 


A moment to introspect

Its  a moment of introspection for all of us .  We witness , societal maladies are overflowing like a river above its danger mark .When the call for justice is not met judiciously , repercussions are not always pleasant .

These  happen in the  world over,  time to time . This time its closer home

We are very lucky that we have freedom of speech and these problems are being openly acknowledged and not  being brushed under the carpet .That  is  a step closer to finding a solution .

The mantra for peace and prosperity is  integration and not segregation

The mantra is love  and brotherhood and not hate and violence .

Science and technology has always bonded mankind .Digital era has  united the humanity .Globalization and free trade has  helped  prospering us .

We need behavioral modifications and de conditioning  .Integration should begin at the most basic level .There should be mandatory  reservations for minorities at the grass root levels like schools ,colleges , training institutes , clubs , jobs,local bodies  and so on and so forth . Those voices should be heard and be made a part of the decision making process

If color of skin is still a criterion in 21 st century then its  most reprehensible and retrogressive .


The Never ending wait

I finished a decade being a H-1 B candidate as I still wait for that magical day when my priority date becomes current . Priority date is the date when US immigration services approves of your presence in the queue for application of green card .Green card is a step closer to  citizen ship .

India is the only country which has  years of back log in the process . At the moment , priority date is current for conversion  to green card for applicants of 2005 .It is even worse for people who do not have a masters or doctorate .

Visa candidates always need sponsorship from their employees which puts them in an unfavorable position in job market . They cannot start a business or own a home as they do not know where the next visa is coming from and so on and so forth….

Most of us are legal immigrants .They are one of the most successful minorities in the US .They contribute in one of the most meaningful way in the US society , both economically and socially .

Then why this antique rule of quota system for each country ?

From what I have gathered it is not even a partisan issue . !

We  need accomplished   and   sane  Americans if  we want America to continue its position  as the World leader . Stumbling blocks do not help in any way.