World Of Relativity

Today’s world is ruled by negativity and we have witnessed that it has produced startling results. If negativity is convincing enough, it has moved mountains. That’s another change we are witnessing in our times.

In India, currently demonetization is playing havoc. It has derailed the promising economy and the worst hit are the middle and lower classes. Parallel black economy was always a historical problem in India but the way the strike was executed was unprecedented .

Amusingly those who are hit are witnessing the silver lining and that keeps them going. Patients feel doctors would take a harder hit, home helps feel their employees have been served right, bureaucrats feel politicians would face the heat and opposition feels ruling party is done for. The rhetoric of cleansing this opaque world goes on.

It was proposed in the past that success was measured by from where you start to where you have reached in your life’s journey. But these days success is also a relative world. How badly your neighbor has failed!

As we brace ourselves for the coming years of Brexism and Populism, one thing is for sure that common good is definitely not a goal any more.



For any job its  a prerequisite that you have the required qualifications .Your employer wants a best fit for the job opportunity .So for every job ,there’s a desired theoretical and a practical experience and in most cases this standard approach works .One is then supposed to climb the ladder of success as per your talent , hard work and luck 

There are always exceptions . In India , in tinsel town and in  the political world , it works differently .Your birth history and family connections matters a lot .Its presumed that you will genetically  inherit all the talent ,charisma and luck to succeed .Surprisingly , public acceptance is also automatic .

One of the best success stories in the digital world had been school and college drop outs .But those are rare instances . Majority of us , mere mortals , are supposed to tread the trodden path .

Recently we saw , for  one of the highest offices in the world’s greatest country , there was no need of any  prior experience .It can be explained that being one of the oldest democracy , rules for  selection of presidential candidate had been written a long time ago .

The deep distrust of people in the current career politicians led to selection of a very atypical candidate .All the checklist for the selection was thrown out of the window .Agreed  that for the president of the US , it would not always be a cookbook situation but  a lot of leeway was given to the process and the current milieu of fear is genuine .   

India Revamped

Just the last week , Indians were cleansed of one of  their sins .For 69 years since Independence , ducking your income tax had been a wide spread malady .There had been various ways of saving taxes like stashing money overseas , keeping it under fictitious names or converting it into gold .

But this is seen more in the super wealthy class or super powerful class as you have to have that much of extra  wealth to do so .

But the last week it was decided to end it once and for all . Ideologically, it was a very good thought but the middle class and the lower middle class were really very hard hit by the whole concept . 

The first step taken was to demonetize currency note of 500 and 1000 . Everybody was taken  by surprise as the time started at 8 pm on a particular day .This currency note is one of the common currency note in majority of households .Only very limited amount of currency exchange were allowed in the Banks and ATMs . This resulted in a super chaos as these institutions are not capable of handling the immense load .Businesses  at small trading level came to a complete halt . Since morning till evening you had to be at the queues of one of these places . Small tradings came to a complete halt . Marriages were called off . Transport ,traders and small businesses are planning to call indefinite strike .

Hard working middle class is the back bone of India .They deserve a better treatment . Deep resentments has been seen to be translated into surprising results .

Informed Consent

As  a physician , when we counsel a patient  about any disease process  or initiation of medications or any operative procedure we are supposed to inform him about recent recommendations , the  best practices and help him to make the best decision about his health .

We are not supposed to  confound him by giving them the whole list of side effects as in most TV ads about any medication .The surgeon is supposed to give a  clear picture about the procedure and an exact percentage of the adverse outcome .

It is by mutual consent and fiduciary guidance the process of treatment is completed .

Even  in spite of all these  counselling if God forbid, patient faces an unfortunate outcome the doctor has to pay a heavy price . He may loose his license , may be incarcerated or loose his life time income .

In comparison , in the present election scenario , one of the highest authority in the country could go back and forth on  his statements , could be as ambiguous  as possible just a few days before a very important decision would be taken . A decision which would not only change the fate of millions of people but may change the face of earth .

Is there not a fiduciary responsibility associated with one of the most responsible positions of    the most important country in the world .

Is a plain apology or a resignation enough ?

I presume justice is just meted to us ordinary mortals .