Another gruesome bombing in Lahore ,with more loss of blood and lives .It seems that it is the only way of communication of these aliens of the civil world. The blood has not even dried from the Brussels bombing as yet .Due to inadequate surveillance , the bombers could get away from Paris .It is said that because of easy access to Syria and porous borders of Europe it gets easier for the home grown terrorists to commit these  heinous crimes.

Flimsy excuse of non integration does not hold water .The same country that gives them refuge ,a respectable life, opportunities,  becomes the victim of its own benevolence .One gets to practice one’s  faith , live your own lifestyle ,raise your kids in a peaceful environment , be with your friends…, then why is to so difficult to profess allegiance  to your adopted country .

Isn’t  it  surprising  that after almost seventy years of independence from the Britishers ,the country that has given them every thing to the best of its ability ,people  shamelessly explain their anti nationalistic behavior


The other day one of the Republican candidates was complaining that Trump phenomenon was making of the press as  his campaign received extra coverage . It was counter argued by the channel . I agree. Everybody possible in the media has tried every thing except to mix it in apple sauce and spoon feed .

But honestly any kind of press coverage can make non issues into issues . In India a group of university students were issuing anti nationalistic statements .It was their wrong doing .They should have been reprimanded and may be lawfully dealt.

A big political issue was made out of it . Anger , drama . allegation , counter allegation  followed .I sometimes wonder that  this is a tactic to camouflage real issues behind non issues .

Business tycoon running away without giving public dues . Politicians amassing wealth in foreign banks , people getting killed on roadside , the list is endless….



Very recently  during my brief vacation in India , we witnessed a protest .Protests are common phenomenon and it turning violent is also not very uncommon in this part . This protest was by a community which is not really poor but on the contrary . Not really cerebral and likes to keep within themselves . They were doing it for job reservation . Job reservation , which is supposed to be for economic poorer section of community .

But the intensity of the protest was surprising . Public inconvenience of all forms so that NCR [National capital region ]  catches attention . Loot , Arson , ransacking of school .water works destroyed , you name it and they did it

With prosperity , tolerance levels , threshold to violence ,lawlessness  has reached new low . Deep distrust in the system is pervasive . every body wants quick fixes and ready to be incited . No wonder we get to see weird political  phenomenons in quieter part of the world !!!!