To A Leaner 2017


The holidays are here and it is party time.The health clubs are  doing promotions in various ways . One is by throwing Zumba parties. Zumba is a very popular form of fitness program , created by Columbian dancer and choreographer , Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990’s .Its a dance and aerobic movement performed to energetic music with a Mish  mash of  Hip Hop , Soca , Samba ,Merengue and Mambo as the dance forms.Currently around 15 million people in over 200,000 locations in around 180 countries are doing it .

Dance is an excellent form of art which besides being therapeutic at the emotional level holds a promise of an improved physical form and it tries to keep away  one of the biggest menace of the 21st century “Obesity”  Continue reading “To A Leaner 2017”

Test Of Loyalty

These  are times of deglobalization  and national introspection .Preservation of national identity is in the forefront and could be in the garb of populism .We do not want to transcend borders for common goals ans common good . We prefer ton flock together in the nation building process .

As we take it to the next level , in India , a new law has been introduced in which National anthem needs to be played before screening of any movie and every body need to stand during the playing of anthem as a mark of respect .Anybody who fails to do would have to face consequences . Continue reading “Test Of Loyalty”

Female physicians in India

Female physicians in India


Women are genetically modified and are the weaker sex of the society . They also have to dedicate their most productive years of life to child-bearing and child raising . Agreed those are priceless moments of your life but that drags them  down on their career graph .

As  smart and bright students, physicians  enter the medical schools very  early in life  .You  are still very confused about the path  you have chosen.Your  life  revolves around libraries , lecture theaters  and  medical wards .Then comes residency .It does not get easier .Early morning rounds, in service exams, presentations, night calls …the list is endless..There goes the best years of  your life down the drain .

Just when you are ready to hit your fun life with vengeance ,your biological clock starts to show you red flags .You have to suddenly mutate to being a  good wife and good mom .If  you still have some steam left in you and are eager to be the part of job market , then new set of restrictions follow you .

In India , female physicians have very few specialty to choose from, where they would be accepted  in their private practice. Obstetrics and gynaecology, Pediatrics and Para medical jobs are preferred for female physicians. The most commonly accepted other job is to work as a medical officer in a government set up. As medical officers you work in an outpatient and prescribe a set of medications from the pharmacy  and refer out difficult patients to specialists as needed. Nothing interesting or nothing challenging about it .

If you can keep your frustration under lid and decide to stick to these jobs then there are time bound promotions and some remunerations. India is a litigation immune country and you can retire peacefully without the pokes of board certifications or continuing medical education .

Women get a second class treatment in every profession. Same is true with medicine in India. Pay disparity, acceptance in private practice, work place harassment would always be your accompaniments .

Women never have it easy anyway ;

For A Better Tomorrow

Last week I experienced two different worlds, both with a promise of better tomorrow in a very different sense.

We took a trip to a Balaji shrine, which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh , one of the southern states of India .We pray to Lord Vishnu  for wordly happiness.Every day it is visited by 50,000 devotees.

Not like most pilgrimages,it is a well regulated place with its impeccable security system .Devotees are supposed to be bare footed in the whole temple complex sans any kind of technology .People stand in long queues chanting and some times they have to wait for hours . The swathes of humanity that comes in and out of the holy sanctum makes you believe that there does exist a promise in submission to the higher power .

The other world was 4th New Delhi , Literature Festival in India Habitat center , which was organized by Times of India publication .It was mostly attended by younger crowd , college students or budding writer .Like most events in India , seating arrangement was outnumbered by the attendees. Attendees enjoyed each other’s participation . Air was charged ,youthful ,enthusiastic , intelligent and interactive .

Here the promise was of fame and immortality to posterity .

Each to his own

Have a very good week ahead .