Water – The precious compound

The pact to tackle climate change woes were signed  as Paris agreement  by the international community but the climate change has already knocked on our doors . It made its presence felt in a big way world over .India is facing one of the hottest summers in 2016. One of its western states , Maharashtra is tackling one of the worst droughts . Water is being transported by trains from other states to one of its worst hit place , Latur .Major reservoirs are showing a 22% decline in their water capacity in India .

All in all situation is grim and dismal . But this is neither new nor one time . Our farmers have bore the brunt of it for a long long time and now rest of the country is facing the heat .

Then why do we always have to wait for the moment of epiphany . Why is it always fire fighting ?

Water conservation is the need of hour . PM , Shri Modiji addressed this issue on his talk show . Ban on indiscriminate use of water  , such as car washing , judicious use in horticulture , fines on leaking taps and most importantly  mandatory rain water harvesting in city and suburb limits

Otherwise action delayed would be results denied





Pursuit of Happiness

We watched a very interesting travel series on CNN in the last few weeks , where they take you to places which might not remain the same in future . One of the place visited was Bhutan . Bhutan is a small mountain country , a close neighbor of India .They have a unique way of improving well being of their people . Gross national happiness index , which has improved to 0.756 from the last years , where people are assessed from being deeply happy to unhappy .There is not much direct relation to the wealth but to  how much  are  people satisfied in the community ;about the culture , knowledge , wisdom

They have a happiness minister in charge of the happiness of the country .

But in the other parts of world , people are dealing with Panama press leaks . No , it is not just a third world phenomenon as  people involved in it are key leaders from the other world . Leaders who have a wee bit of moral baggage left in them are responding in a right  manner by resigning . Others do not care .

Closer home , where the western  part of the  country is reeling under drought and authorities have to be sensitized to  the basic needs of people .They would rather play cricket .

Strange are the pursuits of happiness


To do or not to do

Very recently in our community , two very busy health care  providers lost their medical license over unregulated  prescriptions of narcotics . It was a very unfortunate incident

The community where it happened largely consists of under served  population . Patients have chronic pain disorders  and almost every body has behavioral health issues, not to mention being the biggest victim of  economic recession .

But it seems it is a vicious cycle that has been going on for ever . As physicians , we are not blame free . When narcotic naive patients are initiated into this cycle ,somewhere in the ER or in the primary care physician’s office,  patients are not educated enough about safer alternative  options or the addictive potential of these controlled substances .Once their bodies get used to the effects of these medications , it becomes a must have for these patients

In community health centers , where we have a large chunk of these patients , regulations are not easy to practice .Most of the physicians are on their visas ,waiting for their green cards and job insecurity always looms on the horizon . Most of these CHC[ community health center ] ,are dependent on grants , which are drying up fast . There  is a constant pressure to perform well as compared to the moneyed players in the fields as most of these big players are accepting all kinds of insurances currently

Administrative coercion , patients’ pressure , economic hardships of CHCs  all play a vital role in this doctor patient narcotic cycle .

In the end either the doctor gets to loose his license or patient, his quality of life .Stricter regulations need to be spelled  out to save the  small pool of qualified health care providers and also patient’s safety.

Beauty ;Not skin deep

These days Donald Trump’s impulsive statements  are  running shock waves through the media . It leaves everybody gaping and gawking . He is currently dominating every means of communication .

He likes to call ‘spade  a spade’. Last pole showed that women voters hold him in a very unfavorable light .  Trump behavior does not work in a politically correct adult world .Every thing needs a garb of decency

In real world , women do have to pay a lot for not looking attractive ., as per norms of that particular society .More attractive women get better jobs , faster promotions , better deals in marriage .In my part of the world , lighter skinned women are always preferred over their dark skinned counterpart ; And being’ Fair and lovely ‘ is a million dollar business in my country .

So , sisters , we still have a long  way to go .For now , we have to bear the brunt , overtly or covertly in the mans’s world