Funding crunch

With  the Brexit ,  rest of the World and a part of GB[Great Britain] is sad . Another world wide recession is being anticipated .As per experts , recession can  happen cyclically every eighth year . Such unprecedented events like Brexit can accelerate recession

We are still ambiguous about successful  recovery of US  of its recession .Healthcare is considered one of its topmost culprit .Primary care has a vital role to play in cutting down the costs .

There is  an undeniable funding crunch . Most accessory services are being discontinued like counselling , education , care coordination which is costing us in more than covert ways .

Each community health center has an administrative wing attached to it . Most of the times they have a plush office whereas a physician does not have a decent office to call their own .Their main job is to scrutinize physicians .In some states , they have started pilot cases , where a group of Community health centers  are   under one administrative head .

I consider it a very good idea , where physicians would get a respite from high handed administrators and funding would be rightly channelized where it is needed most.

Connect the dots….ASAP

Electronic Medical Records[EMR ]  is both  a curse and  a boon . It was introduced to be an important arm in Accountable care to provide evidence based quality care . It was supposed to help  to tide over insurmountable cost of health care . EMR   helps with a better connectivity between various physicians , specialists and other medical support systems so that   every body is on the same page and there is no wastage of resources .

But we still do not see the light at the end of tunnel as there is a big piece missing in the puzzle , Tort reforms

This makes physician practice defensive medicine  and put endless burden on health system.

Some thing similar crossed my mind as we all helplessly saw innocent human slaughter , last week , in Orlando by a disturbed man . We again get confounded by the logic of such acts . During the media reporting ,it resurfaced again and again , there were many clues and many chances that concerned authorities could have picked up and could have avoided this massacre

The time is running out . Grass root intelligence need to buck up their act .Social media should take  voluntary responsibility for sharing and processing information As fellow human beings , we all owe it to ourselves to do every thing possible to put a stop to these heart wrenching events .

But as I said , there is missing piece in this puzzle too – I don’t have to spell it out

Racism … in India

In New Delhi , the national Capital region , we get a lot of students from other developing countries who are interested in pursuing higher studies .India is a cheaper destination and this endeavor gives them a head start to pursue other things in life .As to my knowledge, ingenious population is very  diverse and very friendly

But lately a disturbing fact was noted that students of African nationality were being the object of racism by a certain section of populace .

It was the most  bizarre  news to  swallow

Till date , Indians themselves have been the victim of racism wherever they have been as economic immigrants .Then how can this  type of behavior be encouraged ?

We had a very appropriate reaction from all the vocal part of the society . Politicians , media  elites have all condemned this openly .Strict disciplinarian actions were announced against those who were perpetrating such acts .

Education , awareness and strict regulations need to be called for such shameless acts .These stray incidents should never get  to become norm in one of the most tolerant countries of the world


Living the American dream

In India , when a child  is accomplished and is expected to have a bright future , it is prophesied , Oh ! You will go to America and have a good life .

If any one is not getting their dues in adult life in their respective field , there is hope that he can make a life  in America .

There is a destination and possibly a pot of gold at the end of rainbow .

There is a country which is held at a financial pedestal .ethical pedestal and regulatory pedestal  and one is willing to invest all ones intellectual property in it .

But the current political scenario  seems  to be contrary  .Most unconventional nominees are surging ahead and the world gawks .

Would the only hope wither away

Well , the time will tell .