Ten Lessons For a Post Pandemic World -3


As we come to the last part of this brilliantly written book ,author draws a profound conclusion that ” Nothing is Written

He opined that though we live in an “Open . Fast and Unstable “ World , we have the “Human Agency “at our disposal and we have the ability to choose the right lanes

The book has numerous historical anecdotes where right decisions have reaped enormous benefits ,beginning with examples from World Wars through Cold Wars to Pandemic managements

The Three Great Crises of the present century [9/11,political ],Financial Crash and Covid -19 , [natural] had temporarily upended us but they were great water shed moments

For staving off any crisis , the power of international collaboration and cooperation should never be underestimated . Truly, we cannot change the existing order completely but can steer ourselves towards an informed decision .Globalization and Diversity is a reality of the present world and there has been structural transformation of our societies secondary to that .Accepting and utilizing those changes ,such as younger and more diverse popu;ation as strength ,would always work to our benefit

As human beings , we are renowned for our flexibility and resilience only if we set our minds to it

Agreed, Economic development may be at its peak now but rampant inequality needs to be addressed with an empathic approach and there should be better redistribution of wealth amongst the underperformers.

Science is not “VOODOO” and experts need to be relied upon as besides economic security we need safe practices for a better tomorrow

Wet Markets “ may be a necessity for poorer nations but they need to be better regulated as three quarters of the present century human diseases such as “AIDS , EBOLA,SARS ,MERS,Bird Flu,Swine Flu and most likely Corona virus , all have animal origins

Preventative Health Care needs to be stressed enough as morbidity and mortality definitely worsens with premorbid conditions

Climate change is for” Real ” and all regualtory steps need to be taken world wide “ASAP” .”Carbon tax ” will soon have to take place for a “Greener Earth”

Rise Of Rest Of the World may be a threat to America’s “Sole SuperPower “ role but there are certain” Pros “ in it too .Responsibility for” World Peace “ and Development needs to be shared by other “Equal Partners

Nothing is Written

On a lighter note , he ends by citing an example from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia “ .Lawrence , the leader of a band of Bedouin Warriers ,risks his own life and saves an Arab Soldier “Gasim” under hopeless situations but when Gasim is found to be a murderer of another tribe member ,he imparts justice and kills Gasim

As Fareed Zakaria’s columns ,podcasts , books ,and his hugely popular CNN show , Global Public Square , currently running 14 th season ,this book is seeped in sensibility , rational arguments and relevance .

Today on his show , he added the “Eleventh Lesson “ , the lesson of “Eastern Wisdom ” , that one needs to spend time , energy and money towards” Inner Engineering “ and if you cannot change the world around you “Change yourself ”

Author concludes that no” Expert “ can give us the guide map of our future .Its always the informed choices that we make along the way

Its a must read and I hope you all enjoy, as I did

Hope you all have a peaceful rest of the week

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