Very recently  during my brief vacation in India , we witnessed a protest .Protests are common phenomenon and it turning violent is also not very uncommon in this part . This protest was by a community which is not really poor but on the contrary . Not really cerebral and likes to keep within themselves . They were doing it for job reservation . Job reservation , which is supposed to be for economic poorer section of community .

But the intensity of the protest was surprising . Public inconvenience of all forms so that NCR [National capital region ]  catches attention . Loot , Arson , ransacking of school .water works destroyed , you name it and they did it

With prosperity , tolerance levels , threshold to violence ,lawlessness  has reached new low . Deep distrust in the system is pervasive . every body wants quick fixes and ready to be incited . No wonder we get to see weird political  phenomenons in quieter part of the world !!!!

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