Beauty ;Not skin deep

These days Donald Trump’s impulsive statements  are  running shock waves through the media . It leaves everybody gaping and gawking . He is currently dominating every means of communication .

He likes to call ‘spade  a spade’. Last pole showed that women voters hold him in a very unfavorable light .  Trump behavior does not work in a politically correct adult world .Every thing needs a garb of decency

In real world , women do have to pay a lot for not looking attractive ., as per norms of that particular society .More attractive women get better jobs , faster promotions , better deals in marriage .In my part of the world , lighter skinned women are always preferred over their dark skinned counterpart ; And being’ Fair and lovely ‘ is a million dollar business in my country .

So , sisters , we still have a long  way to go .For now , we have to bear the brunt , overtly or covertly in the mans’s world

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