Changing scenario of medical hiring

During my last years of residency , not too long ago , when I was job searching , I was made to feel guilty again and again for asking for a decent pay packet as I was inexperienced . I was not supposed to expect much as I  was  wet behind the ears .On top of that , I was a visa candidate .

Over the years , visa status has not changed . India is the only country languishing in the queue for priority date to become current . But the demand for experienced primary care has gone down .

Fresh MD’s are being welcome with open arms They are ready to book you in your final year of residency with a stipend . All the more better if you are a Nurse practitioner .

After a few years in your job , your job demand does not resemble your old contract any more

In the end , Its Money , Money , Money ;Its the bottom line , Honey ;All that matters to a Compaaa…ny



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