Doc , can you clear me tomorrow

Doc , I have a  shoulder surgery tomorrow .Can you clear me ? Doc , my son has a dental procedure tomorrow . Can you clear him?Doc, my son had a concussion on his head couple of days back .I hope he can resume his practice tomorrow 

These are very common scenarios in a primary care office . These appear to be  very simple issues and when patients are explained that it is not just a matter of filling forms , they are confounded 

But the responsibility of a primary care physician or for that matter any physician , who is giving any kind of clearance, is immense.

Because each life matters

Specially if you are clearing someone for any kind of transport industry

Last week , we saw a major train accident in Hoboken , where a bystander lost her life and hundreds  were injured .The driver was very experienced and had been on the job for quite some time . At this point , medical emergency cannot be ruled out .

Health is of utmost importance for every body and when on your well being depends the life of thousands of people .the importance cannot be understated



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