The present election campaign of GOP took an unimaginable twist and it seems to be descending its free fall .No amount of experience , qualifications or logic could make it happen in the past  , to the dismay of democrats . But when the  courageous women shared their experiences with a certain powerful person , without caring about consequences , it touched the right chord .

All of us, as women, in our life time have experienced these unfortunate incidents in various severity .Sometimes it could be a family member, sometimes a stranger on the street , sometimes a  fellow traveler and surprisingly sometimes a patient walking into  the doctor’s office  and defying all forms of decency 

Hardest part is the aftermath when you want somebody to believe you , to empathize with you and agree with you that at least you deserve some form of justice delivered .

Enablers are   a huge obstacle in the  above mentioned process .The fellow travelers in the plane who choose to ignore such incidents ,the people who think that women are supposed to take these things in stride and are just minor aberrations of day to day routine or  even your female bosses when you want to discharge such erring patients .

People who do not vote , are they some form of enablers too ?

Think so 


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