Test Of Loyalty

These  are times of deglobalization  and national introspection .Preservation of national identity is in the forefront and could be in the garb of populism .We do not want to transcend borders for common goals ans common good . We prefer ton flock together in the nation building process .

As we take it to the next level , in India , a new law has been introduced in which National anthem needs to be played before screening of any movie and every body need to stand during the playing of anthem as a mark of respect .Anybody who fails to do would have to face consequences .

There has been ongoing  deliberation about this new rule .Movie theaters show all kind of movies and there is a bizarre disconnect between the anthem and movies .One feels like a school kid when one is reprimanded for not standing during the anthem .Patriotism and love for  motherland is like love for your mother . Its there in you as a default setting with varying intensity . Sometimes public display does not come naturally .

On a personnel note ,I prefer this mandatory show of respect to the Motherland .It reminds us that generations have paid with their blood to give us freedom and good life . Our millennials who are on a free ride of entitlement would also take a moment and spare it a thought .

This small act of discipline is a great gesture to the cause of national pride .

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