Pursuit of Happiness

We watched a very interesting travel series on CNN in the last few weeks , where they take you to places which might not remain the same in future . One of the place visited was Bhutan . Bhutan is a small mountain country , a close neighbor of India .They have a unique way of improving well being of their people . Gross national happiness index , which has improved to 0.756 from the last years , where people are assessed from being deeply happy to unhappy .There is not much direct relation to the wealth but to  how much  are  people satisfied in the community ;about the culture , knowledge , wisdom

They have a happiness minister in charge of the happiness of the country .

But in the other parts of world , people are dealing with Panama press leaks . No , it is not just a third world phenomenon as  people involved in it are key leaders from the other world . Leaders who have a wee bit of moral baggage left in them are responding in a right  manner by resigning . Others do not care .

Closer home , where the western  part of the  country is reeling under drought and authorities have to be sensitized to  the basic needs of people .They would rather play cricket .

Strange are the pursuits of happiness


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