Water – The precious compound

The pact to tackle climate change woes were signed  as Paris agreement  by the international community but the climate change has already knocked on our doors . It made its presence felt in a big way world over .India is facing one of the hottest summers in 2016. One of its western states , Maharashtra is tackling one of the worst droughts . Water is being transported by trains from other states to one of its worst hit place , Latur .Major reservoirs are showing a 22% decline in their water capacity in India .

All in all situation is grim and dismal . But this is neither new nor one time . Our farmers have bore the brunt of it for a long long time and now rest of the country is facing the heat .

Then why do we always have to wait for the moment of epiphany . Why is it always fire fighting ?

Water conservation is the need of hour . PM , Shri Modiji addressed this issue on his talk show . Ban on indiscriminate use of water  , such as car washing , judicious use in horticulture , fines on leaking taps and most importantly  mandatory rain water harvesting in city and suburb limits

Otherwise action delayed would be results denied





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