Blame thy neighbour

In community health centers ,doctors are the pivot around which the whole health care revolves . Most of the decisions need to  be run by them . But this is not restricted all the time to health care .

The number of other issues where the doctors have to share the responsibility is incredulous .

Pharmacies which are overworked most of the times after Affordable care act , if unable to fill in medications on time “Your doctor does not want to do it “. Only God knows why suddenly doctor would  not want to do it .

Insurance does not want to pay for labs after a certain point .”Your doctor orders too many tests .”

Support staff did not address the issues in time , Blame the doctor .

Housing societies would not let you keep the pet , Ask the doctor .

DMV will not issue disability parking tickets . Take away the license of the doctor with any discrepancy .

The list is endless . Unfortunately patients are too gullible to discern through these excuses .It is  a direct recipe for souring patient physician relationship .

But don’t we all need to blame some one ?Does it ring a bell ?


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