Racism … in India

In New Delhi , the national Capital region , we get a lot of students from other developing countries who are interested in pursuing higher studies .India is a cheaper destination and this endeavor gives them a head start to pursue other things in life .As to my knowledge, ingenious population is very  diverse and very friendly

But lately a disturbing fact was noted that students of African nationality were being the object of racism by a certain section of populace .

It was the most  bizarre  news to  swallow

Till date , Indians themselves have been the victim of racism wherever they have been as economic immigrants .Then how can this  type of behavior be encouraged ?

We had a very appropriate reaction from all the vocal part of the society . Politicians , media  elites have all condemned this openly .Strict disciplinarian actions were announced against those who were perpetrating such acts .

Education , awareness and strict regulations need to be called for such shameless acts .These stray incidents should never get  to become norm in one of the most tolerant countries of the world


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