Connect the dots….ASAP

Electronic Medical Records[EMR ]  is both  a curse and  a boon . It was introduced to be an important arm in Accountable care to provide evidence based quality care . It was supposed to help  to tide over insurmountable cost of health care . EMR   helps with a better connectivity between various physicians , specialists and other medical support systems so that   every body is on the same page and there is no wastage of resources .

But we still do not see the light at the end of tunnel as there is a big piece missing in the puzzle , Tort reforms

This makes physician practice defensive medicine  and put endless burden on health system.

Some thing similar crossed my mind as we all helplessly saw innocent human slaughter , last week , in Orlando by a disturbed man . We again get confounded by the logic of such acts . During the media reporting ,it resurfaced again and again , there were many clues and many chances that concerned authorities could have picked up and could have avoided this massacre

The time is running out . Grass root intelligence need to buck up their act .Social media should take  voluntary responsibility for sharing and processing information As fellow human beings , we all owe it to ourselves to do every thing possible to put a stop to these heart wrenching events .

But as I said , there is missing piece in this puzzle too – I don’t have to spell it out

4 thoughts on “Connect the dots….ASAP

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