The Never ending wait

I finished a decade being a H-1 B candidate as I still wait for that magical day when my priority date becomes current . Priority date is the date when US immigration services approves of your presence in the queue for application of green card .Green card is a step closer to  citizen ship .

India is the only country which has  years of back log in the process . At the moment , priority date is current for conversion  to green card for applicants of 2005 .It is even worse for people who do not have a masters or doctorate .

Visa candidates always need sponsorship from their employees which puts them in an unfavorable position in job market . They cannot start a business or own a home as they do not know where the next visa is coming from and so on and so forth….

Most of us are legal immigrants .They are one of the most successful minorities in the US .They contribute in one of the most meaningful way in the US society , both economically and socially .

Then why this antique rule of quota system for each country ?

From what I have gathered it is not even a partisan issue . !

We  need accomplished   and   sane  Americans if  we want America to continue its position  as the World leader . Stumbling blocks do not help in any way.


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