A moment to introspect

Its  a moment of introspection for all of us .  We witness , societal maladies are overflowing like a river above its danger mark .When the call for justice is not met judiciously , repercussions are not always pleasant .

These  happen in the  world over,  time to time . This time its closer home

We are very lucky that we have freedom of speech and these problems are being openly acknowledged and not  being brushed under the carpet .That  is  a step closer to finding a solution .

The mantra for peace and prosperity is  integration and not segregation

The mantra is love  and brotherhood and not hate and violence .

Science and technology has always bonded mankind .Digital era has  united the humanity .Globalization and free trade has  helped  prospering us .

We need behavioral modifications and de conditioning  .Integration should begin at the most basic level .There should be mandatory  reservations for minorities at the grass root levels like schools ,colleges , training institutes , clubs , jobs,local bodies  and so on and so forth . Those voices should be heard and be made a part of the decision making process

If color of skin is still a criterion in 21 st century then its  most reprehensible and retrogressive .


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