Pay Back

My  Alma Mater , Lady Hardinge  Medical College ,  witnessed yet another incident of patient rage against physicians . There was a mob attack and the doctor was bitten by  the patient . In response to that , doctors retaliated by a flash strike .

These kind of hooliganism has been on an increase with any unfortunate outcome during the treatment process .

These incidents are always condemned and should never  be condoned

But if we look in depth  there are some facts that we need to take into consideration

There is a lopsided  physician centric milieu in India .How seriously they take their Hippocrates oath is entirely up to their own conscience . Physicians once  out of their medical school are not much under any scrutiny or under any regulatory body .

Medical litigation  are far and few and do not amount to a high pay off as compared to the loss incurred . Patient grievance forums are also not doing much justice to the patients

Again I  reiterate , these forms of violence is reprehensible .

But we need  a platform and an honest conversation about these issues

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