Family medicine … Endangered Speciality .

Primary care physicians are the back bone of US health care system .Currently health care is facing an acute shortage of primary health care physicians [PCP].Predictable shortage by 2020 is about 20,000 physicians Aging population , population growth and Affordable care act , they all contribute to it.Nurse practitioners and Physician assistants alleviate this issue to some extent but the overall picture is grim 

Physician burn out rate is high and ever increasing . In 2014 , Family physician burn out rate was around 63 %. 

Primary care physicians are the default dumpsters of health care .They should be capable of treating all medical issues with the most little help from specialists [Managed Care ]. They should practice corporate medicine with EMR documentation [15 min , each patient ]. They should have an expert opinion about whether patient can drive , keep a pet , lift 20 pounds , climb up to the first floor [anything that can have any remotest legal implication ]. They should be rhino skinned and be ever forgiving to the frustrated patients.

Not to mention the hostile legal environment 

Sad part … There is no legal  platform that addresses physicians issues 

Physicians are life savers but not Gods 

And  human beings do need help 


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