Doc , I have app proven pregnancy

In today’s world of  web search , our patients are not left behind .By the time they come for their appointment , they already have a tentative diagnosis and a management plan.Most of the time , it is helpful for the physicians as patients and physicians are on the same page .

Another thing that has really infiltrated our lives are the various IT applications .I don’t think anybody is left untouched by them . For every problem , there is an app based solution .Booking a cab, Grocery shopping , getting the chores done , keeping an eye on kid or getting their homework completed …, you name it and their is an app in the market .

Same stands for medical field .Total Calorie count , healthy eating , ideal weight , fitness routine ,cardiac risk , stroke risk …

So, one of our app savvy patient decided to take it a step further .She confirmed her pregnancy with an app by downloading the app with $10 and then placing her iphone on her belly . And yeeah  it confirmed her pregnancy . When she wanted to register herself for prenatal clinic , we were all very amused . Our Obstetricians have not heard about it as yet 

Big surprise – She was really pregnant and it was her 9th pregnancy 

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