Another Woe- Medical licensing


For a practicing physician , in order to practice in any state of the US , one needs a medical license . But for each state one has to have a state license .Besides  ton of paper work and being  expensive , it seems to be a ritualistic procedure where we are trying to keep some tradition alive .

In modern digital era , data storage and data sharing begins as soon as one joins the residency program .At that point we are supposed to submit information about our Medical education , work experience , any past mishaps and what not . We also have to obtain a temporary medical license of that particular state , where we finish residency .

But the moment we join a practice , we start the licensing procedure all over again , which makes no sense at all . All the information is a click away .

International medical graduates [IMGs] face the biggest hurdle as they have to get their paper work signed at their Alma Mater .Moving paper work in India is a herculean task .Besides getting a lecture from your office staff , that what a disservice you are doing to your nation by being a part of the brain drain , some times the paper work is not even traceable .Its specially difficult for those IMGs whose medical Colleges are away from their homes as one of their family members has to visit personally the Medical College to get the paper work signed .

I think its high time that such meaning less and antique excercise  should be abandoned . Past does not change for any body .

There should be a national licensing authority and any information the state board needs can be added on to it .

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