India Revamped

Just the last week , Indians were cleansed of one of  their sins .For 69 years since Independence , ducking your income tax had been a wide spread malady .There had been various ways of saving taxes like stashing money overseas , keeping it under fictitious names or converting it into gold .

But this is seen more in the super wealthy class or super powerful class as you have to have that much of extra  wealth to do so .

But the last week it was decided to end it once and for all . Ideologically, it was a very good thought but the middle class and the lower middle class were really very hard hit by the whole concept . 

The first step taken was to demonetize currency note of 500 and 1000 . Everybody was taken  by surprise as the time started at 8 pm on a particular day .This currency note is one of the common currency note in majority of households .Only very limited amount of currency exchange were allowed in the Banks and ATMs . This resulted in a super chaos as these institutions are not capable of handling the immense load .Businesses  at small trading level came to a complete halt . Since morning till evening you had to be at the queues of one of these places . Small tradings came to a complete halt . Marriages were called off . Transport ,traders and small businesses are planning to call indefinite strike .

Hard working middle class is the back bone of India .They deserve a better treatment . Deep resentments has been seen to be translated into surprising results .

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