For any job its  a prerequisite that you have the required qualifications .Your employer wants a best fit for the job opportunity .So for every job ,there’s a desired theoretical and a practical experience and in most cases this standard approach works .One is then supposed to climb the ladder of success as per your talent , hard work and luck 

There are always exceptions . In India , in tinsel town and in  the political world , it works differently .Your birth history and family connections matters a lot .Its presumed that you will genetically  inherit all the talent ,charisma and luck to succeed .Surprisingly , public acceptance is also automatic .

One of the best success stories in the digital world had been school and college drop outs .But those are rare instances . Majority of us , mere mortals , are supposed to tread the trodden path .

Recently we saw , for  one of the highest offices in the world’s greatest country , there was no need of any  prior experience .It can be explained that being one of the oldest democracy , rules for  selection of presidential candidate had been written a long time ago .

The deep distrust of people in the current career politicians led to selection of a very atypical candidate .All the checklist for the selection was thrown out of the window .Agreed  that for the president of the US , it would not always be a cookbook situation but  a lot of leeway was given to the process and the current milieu of fear is genuine .   

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