World Of Relativity

Today’s world is ruled by negativity and we have witnessed that it has produced startling results. If negativity is convincing enough, it has moved mountains. That’s another change we are witnessing in our times.

In India, currently demonetization is playing havoc. It has derailed the promising economy and the worst hit are the middle and lower classes. Parallel black economy was always a historical problem in India but the way the strike was executed was unprecedented .

Amusingly those who are hit are witnessing the silver lining and that keeps them going. Patients feel doctors would take a harder hit, home helps feel their employees have been served right, bureaucrats feel politicians would face the heat and opposition feels ruling party is done for. The rhetoric of cleansing this opaque world goes on.

It was proposed in the past that success was measured by from where you start to where you have reached in your life’s journey. But these days success is also a relative world. How badly your neighbor has failed!

As we brace ourselves for the coming years of Brexism and Populism, one thing is for sure that common good is definitely not a goal any more.


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