Don’t let my Mom-in – law keep parrots

As  I have mentioned multiple times in my blog ,primary care physician’s job is nothing to envy about .They  work in a pressure cooker environment sandwiched between litigious environment , administrative strangle and overwhelming workload with the lowest compensation

No wonder the burnout rate is maximum

In my residency days we were trained for almost all situations , but it was never made clear to us that a great part of practice would be dodging the lawyers by filling up the forms in a right manner

Every patient needs a form  to be filled up .Surprisingly every department has a form which needs  a countersignature from a doctor

School form , School medication form , school physical form , sports physical form , Grandma has  a problem …needs a change of school form

I  ride a horse ….need a disability parking ticket form , Jog all day , but need a ground floor accommodation form ,Go on vacations but need an electricity discount form , can’t work , don’t want to work ….

This is the icing on the cake

Don’t let my mother in law keep the parrots form

Is there  a give me break form ?????parrot

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