The Long Hurdle

India happens to be the  world capital of skilled human resource .A lot of India’s improved economic situation is attributed to the diaspora and Governmental policy has  a major role to play  in it . Education is free  or subsidized and since childhood its ingrained in us that for an economically safe life , invest yourself in just education . The whole aim of the nation is to churn out clonal professionals .

But when being the 2 nd most populous country , it performs so dismally at the sports arena , we pause to introspect . 

Though,  there was a silver lining , as our women did us proud  and our nation celebrated them .More so , as we all know that a big part of the society still thinks female child as  a burden .Female Infanticide , grudged education , dowry problems , the social maladies are countless against women .

At this point ,we need government investment economically and policy wise in Sports .Also a  corruption  and  bureaucracy free selection process as countries like US  which has the highest medal tally ,does not  a   sports minister . As per Chinese media analysis , the rural India is   a  big human resource .

Scholarships, jobs , financial rewards would definitely tap an untapped part of society which we are currently loosing to anonymity 



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